Alumni Benefits and Services

Scholarly Resources

One of the most frequently requested alumni benefits is access to Harvard's Libraries. Your alumni representatives serving on the HSPH Alumni Council are continuing to seek new ways for HSPH alumni to access Harvard's vast scholarly resources. Here is what is currently available to our alumni:

Electronic Journal Access (Alumni login required)

Beginning in January of 2014, alumni have access to one of the largest publishers of online journals, EBSCO Host Academic Search Alumni Edition. Thanks to HSPH alumni Dr. Michael Olugbile MPH '11 and Rob Buelow, SM '12, several of our Harvard librarians and a consortium of staff representatives from various Harvard alumni offices for working together to make this a reality. We are continuing to work with the Countway Library and Harvard Medical School Alumni Association to expand access to more medical and public health journals in the future. For a full list of journals currently available visit the EBSCO content list.

Frequently Asked Questions about E-Journal Access (Alumni login required)
Q: Does HSPH provide access to online resources for my research?

YES! The Office for Alumni Affairs has worked with the Countway Library to provide online access to EBSCO's Academic Search Alumni Edition. This database provides access to a more than 13,800 indexed and abstracted journals. The Office for Alumni Affairs and the Countway Library pay an annual fee for access to this resource for all HSPH alumni and the Library provides support for its use.

Q: What kinds of articles will appear in a results list when searching EBSCO resources?

Your EBSCO search will result in full text articles for over 2,700 journals and abstracts for 13,800! If you would like more results that may include citations and abstracts, simply uncheck the “Full Text” box when your search results are displayed. For a full list of journals available visit the EBSCO content list.

Q: Can HSPH graduates use the same online resources that they had as students?

HSPH students have access to several hundred online resources paid for through student tuition and fees. While alumni frequently ask if they, too, can pay for access, most research publishers limit access to their databases to only students and faculty. However, the Office for Alumni Affairs has negotiated alumni access to the EBSCO Academic Search Alumni Edition through an authentication process required to access our password-protected portal on the HSPH Alumni website. We continue to work with other publishers to expand access to more electronic resources.

Q: How do I access these resources?

You must first login to HSPH Alumni Community to access EBSCO's Academic Search Alumni Edition. This database is free of charge to alumni. Then click on the EBSCO Host button. Log in to the EBSCO Academic Search Alumni Edition.

Harvard Libraries In-Person Access

Countway Medical Library

Please contact the Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine Privileges Desk at, via phone at (617) 432-2136 or via fax at (617) 432-0693 for an Application for Borrowing Privileges. Any HSPH degree holder may apply for borrowing privileges for a $15.00 annual fee.
The Countway Library of Medicine offers all the amenities of a state-of-the-art health science library and is complemented by extensive contemporary collections and extraordinary rare book and special materials. The library's web site at provides a gateway to Countway's programs and services including borrowing, interlibrary loan, physical access to library resources, remote access to licensed digital resources, contact information for consultation with reference librarians, classes and tutorials covering a variety of information resources and more. 

Widener Library

Please contact the Privileges Desk at (617) 495-4166. Alumni must apply in person at the Widener Library in room 130 with a valid photo ID. Alumni are allowed to use the library for 6 free days and take out 6 books per year, and may apply for unlimited free reading room access (does not include access to the stacks). Additional membership is available upon request. Fees are $75.00 for 3 months, $125.00 for 6 months, and $200.00 for a yearly membership.