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Continuing Education: Meta-Leadership for Health Care: You're It

Meta-Leadership for Health Care: You’re It!
Building Unity of Effort Across Your Health Systems
February 24 – 26, 2014 | Boston, MA

Be a “Meta-Leader” — You’re It!

System change is fraught with adjustment and sometimes conflict, especially in the rapidly evolving world of health care. The practice of meta-leadership enables leaders to leverage interests and link partners across silos to improve health system and organizational performance. Meta-leadership is designed to help innovative leaders generate and carry out change.

A proven method of interest-based negotiation, the “Walk in the Woods” is a core element of the meta-leadership program and a practical tool to guide stakeholders through complex problem solving toward a mutually beneficial outcome. Reducing ambiguity allows stakeholders the opportunity to reframe options and constraints, and innovative solutions emerge as a result of realigning interests and objectives.

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We are able to offer a 10% fellowship for this program to a limited number of HSPH alumni. If you are interested in applying for the alumni discount please contact Christine Vital, for details.

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Executive and Continuing Professional Education

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Date: 2/24/2014 to 2/26/2014