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HSPH Student Profile

Hannabah Blue, SM '14 Social and Behavioral Sciences

1. Why did you choose HSPH?

When it came down to making a decision, I was weighing several factors including financial aid package, location, and presence of a Native American community. I ultimately chose HSPH and Harvard because it beat out the other schools in each of these aspects. I also had a wonderful experience when I visited the school prior to the admissions decisions.

2. What are you working on during your time at HSPH?

I am involved in several organizations, committees and offices on campus, which all pertain to minority health and diversity. I also volunteer at a Native American service organization in West Roxbury, facilitating a weekly group on health topics. An ongoing project that served as my practicum this past summer is a study on gender and sexuality discrimination of Navajos living on the Navajo Reservation.

3. How do you plan to use your education after graduation?

I worked in Native American health, specifically HIV prevention, before I came to HSPH and I plan to return to a similar field. I would like to use my education to give back to my tribe, my community, and my mentors by exploring positions within the Navajo Nation, the New Mexico Department of Health, and Native American research organizations.
4. What is your favorite memory of HSPH so far?

I really enjoyed the HSPH Winter Ball. It was a lot of fun, and quite glamorous, getting all dressed up with my friends and dancing at the Harvard Club. It also was a defining experience in recognizing just how lucky I am to be at HSPH, and how so many different people, programs, schools, and organizations helped me to get here, and contributed to my growth throughout my life.