Post-Graduation FAQs

TO: Recent and Upcoming HSPH Graduates

RE: FAQs regarding Harvard University IDs (HUIDs), emails and access to campus resources after graduation.

FROM: Jim Smith, Assistant Dean for Alumni Affairs


Following are a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you understand changes to your student access after graduation.

These FAQs have been drafted in consultation with the Offices for Student Affairs, Career Services, Alumni Affairs, Information Technology and Operations to address some of the issues that arise each spring for our new graduates. I hope you find this information helpful.

Why is my HUID disabled so soon after graduation?

Harvard University policy mandates that all HUIDs be deactivated and turned in immediately following commencement, since the legal relationship between student and University has ended. However, we know that new graduates often have a need to access the HSPH buildings and have developed this memo to help new graduates negotiate the transitional period immediately following graduation.

Why did the security guard ask me to turn in my HUID?

HUIDs remain the property of Harvard University and must be turned in as soon as the ID is no longer active.

I still have some work to do and need access to HSPH buildings. What should I do?

Alumni are always welcome to visit the HSPH campus buildings. If you only need access for the day, please identify yourself to the Kresge entrance security guard as a graduate of HSPH and the security guard will direct you to the ID office. The ID office will ask for a photo ID and will be able to issue you an alumni visitor pass for the day. If you need to have sustained access to HSPH buildings after graduation to complete work or for other reasons, please see your department or program administrator, who can sponsor you for a 30, 60 or 90 day temporary ID that will allow you access to the portions of the campus that are necessary for completing your work. The decision to sponsor a temporary ID is at the discretion of the department or program.

Does my Harvard email expire?

No. Beginning with the Class of 2012, your Harvard email address is yours to use for your lifetime and will never expire. For alumni graduating prior to 2012, you can register for a lifetime Post.Harvard email forwarding address described below.

How can I connect with other HSPH alumni specifically?

A unique benefit of attending the Harvard School of Public Health is that you are part of a great School within a great University! Our alumni are members of both the HSPH Alumni Association and the University-wide Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) described below. To join the HSPH Alumni Online Community please note that there is a separate registration process from the HAA registration below. The HSPH Alumni Online Community features a secure, password protected, HSPH-specific alumni directory, an alumni mentoring network, a section to post class notes, regional groups, current news about HSPH faculty and alumni, as well as career and volunteer opportunities around the globe.  Whenever your home or business information changes, you should be sure to update your profile at the Online Community.

I got an email about joining the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA). What's that about?

As an additional resource, all Harvard alumni are eligible to register with the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) at a password-protected site offering a variety of services, including a University-wide alumni directory, distance learning programs, career/networking opportunities, and a lifetime Post.Harvard email forwarding address. Messages sent to your Post.Harvard address ( are forwarded to an email account that you provide. You will still need to have an email account through a service such as Gmail, Yahoo or another email provider. The Post.Harvard email forwarding address will never expire as long as you provide a current email account to which it can redirect. To register:
1. Go to the HAA website.
2. Click where it says "Register" on the righthand side of the page and
3. Follow the information requests in order to register.
If you have any problems registering, please contact the Post.Harvard help desk at (617) 496-0559.

I’m still looking for a job, can I use the Career Services Office (CSO) after graduation?

Yes. A variety of services are available throughout your career. Please visit the CSO website for more details.

I’m still doing some research. Can I use the Countway Library or other Harvard Library after graduation?

Alumni can apply for borrowing privileges at Countway and Widener Libraries for a fee, and we recently launched alumni access to one of the largest publishers of online journals. Your alumni representatives serving on the HSPH Alumni Council are continuing to seek new ways for HSPH alumni to access Harvard's vast scholarly resources. Visit our benefits page to see what scholarly resources are currently available to our alumni and how to access them.

If you have questions about any of these FAQs, please fee free to email the Office for Alumni Affairs or call +1 (617) 432-8429.

Photo: Suzanne Camarata for HSPH.