Give Back

Alumni-Student Professional Development Opportunities
Alumni from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health play an important and necessary role in the lives of students. Giving back as an alumni volunteer by passing down knowledge and experience is an invaluable gift to future practitioners and public health professionals. By giving back we all benefit by advancing the public health mission.

What are the benefits of volunteering?
Support students as they develop their career path
The opportunity to give back to Harvard Chan School
Pay back their own mentors by mentoring others
Increase their mentoring skills
Recognize and develop new talent in the field
Get satisfaction from contributing to the development of talented individuals
Gain fresh enthusiasm for your own career

What's in it for the student?
Have the opportunity to observe and interact with experienced alumni
Receive personalized feedback, advice, and guidance
Acquire knowledge and skills from seasoned alumni
Save time by learning shortcuts and strategies normally learned by years of trial and error
Gain personal contacts and resources

Some of the various ways alumni can support students include:

Become an ASK Mentor
The ASK Mentor program (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) is our biggest program encompassing a network of alumni from across the spectrum of career fields and specialties that aim to help students with questions about a career in public health and offer support and guidance to students as they move through their graduate studies. Students are encouraged throughout the academic year to seek an ASK Mentor they can connect with based on similar career interests.

Diversity Mentor
The Diversity Mentor program is a support program that enhances a student of color's experience through one-on-one interaction. The program matches current students with local Harvard Chan School alumni of color and is designed to enrich the student experience, as well as help students build personal, social and professional networks within the greater Boston area.

International Alumni Ambassador
The International Alumni Ambassador program provides immediate support and assistance to incoming international students through correspondence that begins before students arrive on campus. The program matches incoming international students with alumni who either reside in the student's home country/province/city or share the same citizenship. Alumni Ambassadors share how they managed the student visa process, offer suggestions on how to find housing in the Boston area, steps on acquiring a U.S. credit card, working with the home embassy, and otherwise help make the transition to a U.S. graduate student go smoothly.

Guest Speaker on Career and Professional Development Topics
Throughout the year alumni may be called upon to offer insights on various career options. Whether it is speaking on a panel about a particular field of practice, meeting with students over lunch to discuss career choices, or participating in events where students learn how to network with alumni, the experience and knowledge alumni bring is invaluable. Potential areas of topics include:
  • How to start your job search
  • Budgeting experience in a managerial position
  • Research Grants - How to get one
  • The Path to Professorship
  • Social Entrepreneurship - How to create a start-up
  • Strategies to strengthen your medical residency application
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising in a not-for-profit environment
  • Crisis Management
Interested alumni should fill out the volunteer application.

How do I learn more?

Whether you are a student looking to be matched with an alumna/us or an alumna/us interested in volunteering you can find more information by filling out the volunteer application or contact David Rogers at or at 617-432-8466.