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FXB Center teams up with Emily Chan, SM 98 at Chinese University of Hong Kong for humanitarian experience

From March 28th to April 1st, Professor Dr. Jennifer Leaning, A.B.’67, SM’70, Director of the FXB Center at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and students at the school experienced a global educational opportunity of a lifetime.


CCOUC SiChuan Field Trip 2014 from leekayu on Vimeo.

During this field trip, they participated in the Humanitarian Ethnic Minority Program in collaboration with Professor Emily Chan, SM’98 of the Humanitarian Public Health Unit at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Director of the Collaborating Centre of Oxford University (CCOUC). The program develops disaster preparedness and resiliency in students while in rural China.

“Perhaps the most important learning objective of the Humanitarian Ethnic Minority Program is to engage students to take their first step into their humanitarian journey,” said Professor Chan.

As the video illustrates, students use announcers, diagrams, poster boards and other creative measures to articulate public health concepts and messages to the under-privileged. This is the fifth anniversary of the program, in which they have been training students and inviting colleagues to this world- class experience. This is the third trip in which the Humanitarian Ethnic Minority Program has traveled to the Sichuan region as they primarily focus on the Yi minority.

“This experience will contribute greatly to the global classroom that is being created at CCOUC,” said Professor Leaning. “It also establishes the student understanding that humanitarian responders build a moral life line from themselves to the people that are suffering after a disaster.”

“I would say that we are very proud to provide this platform,” Professor Chan said. So far we have had more than 300 people join us in the field. This allows our students to see what they can do with their education and most importantly allows the village to teach us what is important to them.”

~ Kevin Small Jr., HSPH