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Discovering and promoting solutions to four major global health threats
Programs for organizations and public health leaders
Alumni returned to campus for the program "Reimagining our Future: Public Health Perspectives on Aging and Longevity" on Saturday, October 14, 2017. 
Ways for alumni to volunteer
Harvard University Alumni Association
Resources for Current Students

Alumni News

Alumni Bookshelf: Immune: How Your Body Defends and Protects You
Catherine Carver, MPH '14 is pleased to let fellow alumni know about the publication of her new book available now in the US.
Alumni Bookshelf: Statistics for Pathologists
Dan Milner, SM '10 Epidemiology, is pleased to let fellow alumni about the publication of the text book he co-authored recently.
Dr. Tony Coles, MPH '92, honored as Living Legend
On December 3, 2017 Museum of African American History of Boston and Nantucket honored Dr. Tony Coles, MPH '92 and Harvard University sociologist and author Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot.
Dr. Daniel Neafsey appointed Asst. Professor for Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Dr. Daniel Neafsey appointed as Assistant Professor of Immunology and Infectiouse Diseases at the Harvard Chan School. 
I stay involved with Harvard Chan because as a Harvard Chan alumnus, I enjoy having an active lifeline to some of the most incredible experiences that I had as a Harvard Chan student. Through my current role as an Alumni Councilor, I hope I can help revive for some and possibly awaken in others an opportunity to relive these precious former experiences, while creating new ones, for current and future alumni alike.
- Phillip Blanc, MPH '10, Councilor, Harvard Chan School Alumni Council
I stay involved with Harvard Chan because I believe that the School can lead the movement to make public health a priority everywhere.
- Megan Huang, SM '17, President, Class of 2017